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The Future Of Payment Processing Solutions For All Businesses

The future of credit card payment processing solutions has arrived with ZERO™

Card Payment Processing Solutions Simplified For All

ZERO has multiple equipment options available and our payment processing solutions for all types of businesses come with NO TRANSACTION OR INTERCHANGE FEES.

All businesses can benefit with the ultimate in payment processing solutions: 0% & NO MONTHLY FEES with ZERO™


Need a payment gateway for your website’s shopping cart? Apply to ZERO and start saving on each transaction.

Keyed Payments

Save money with our terminals on non-qualified transactions when processing payments over the phone.

Retail + Restaurants

Leave the transactions to us with our Point Of Sale machines and ZERO FEES on customer card payments.

What Makes Us Different

ZERO is the combination of a team of banking experts and innovative technology to save your business money. We take pride in upping the ante of no monthly fees by not charging you for using our equipment instead of 2.75% per transaction like Square®.

Compare what your future savings will be by switching to ZERO.

ZERO™ No Fees Period! | Credit card payment processing solutions simplified for all businesses
Square® can't compare to the processing and personal service of ZERO™
2.7% (3.4% Keyed)

We Have Credit Card Processing Equipment

Many consumers in today’s age do not carry cash and, especially during the time of COVID-19, touchless and card payments are preferred over cash. Help protect your customers and staff by offering hands-free payment processing solutions such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, and MasterCard PayPass – ALL AT 0% with ZERO.

Our tech department representatives are available to install and set up your new equipment at your location, unlike Square® who just talks you through the process over the phone from anywhere in the world.

ZERO™ offers simple to use equipment for payment processing solutions such as the POS equipment family from Clover™
Clover™ Mini Touchscreen point of sale equipment for payment processing solutions | Available with ZERO™

Cost Effective Processing Machines

ZERO offers low cost or, in most cases, FREE TERMINALS AND POS EQUIPMENT to our clients for their transaction processing needs.

Complete our application today so that we can learn about your business’ needs and help you discover the equipment that suits your situation best.

Online Credit Card Payment
Processing Solutions

Ecommerce is vital for online based businesses such as online shops or client payment portals. When you choose ZERO as your credit card payment gateway you can begin accepting payments on your website.

Save money on merchant credit card services with NO MONTHLY FEES and 0% ON CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS.

Save $$$ on online credit card processing when you join the ZERO™ Revolution
Most modern retail registers allow for far more than just ringing up a customer’s purchase. Our Clover® POS (“Point Of Sale”) can accept card and mobile device payments, receive online orders, replace paper gift certificates, and more!
Dejavoo Z9 Dual Comm point of sale equipment for payment processing solutions | Available with ZERO™

Dejavoo Z9

Clover™ Countertop Station point of sale equipment for payment processing solutions | Available with ZERO™

Clover Station Countertop POS

Clover™ Flex point of sale equipment for payment processing solutions | Available with ZERO™

Clover Flex

Join the ZERO revolution

Rediscover your business’ potential with 0% TRANSACTION FEES + NO MONTHLY FEES = GUARANTEED