About ZERO

We're A Credit Card Processing Provider Like No Other

ZERO™ provides businesses simplified credit card processing with zero fees

Credit Card Processing Made Easy For Everyone

Our whole business as a credit card processor is to save you money, meaning that our local representatives will never push products that you don’t want or even need. We think that by switching you to 0% with $0 monthly costs gives us the advantage over our competitors, so much so that we are banking on our guarantee of credit card processing made easy and simply free.

We stifle the competition with NO FEES PERIOD stance and impeccable customer service and support either in-person or over the phone.

"Making a Square peg fit a triangle mold"
by Steve Norell, US Merchant Services Inc.

How Are NO FEES Possible As A Credit Card Processing Provider?

Thanks to the Durbin amendment, YOU PAY NO TRANSACTION OR INTERCHANGE FEES. Most processors charge different rates for the different card companies, but not us! Whether ZERO is your first choice or if you’re switching to us from another credit card processing provider, we guarantee ZERO FEES, NO MONTHLY COSTS.

If you’re wondering how we get paid for our credit card processing services our answer is simple: “how do Facebook or Twitter get paid?”

Ultimately there are more important things for you to start thinking about, such as utilizing every dollar saved by utilizing ZERO for your processing.

ZERO Transaction Fees and Monthly Cost GUARANTEED with ZERO™

Compare ZERO With Square®

The difference between our FREE EQUIPMENT* and theirs is that they charge you for every swipe (even more if the number is keyed in).

ZERO charges you nothing (zero transaction fee) every time you accept a card, even if you key it in or it’s entered online.

ZERO™ No Fees Period! | Credit card payment processing solutions simplified for all businesses
Square® can't compare to the processing and personal service of ZERO™

*Our equipment is free in most cases for our client’s businesses, without any hidden usage fees. CONTACT US to see if you qualify!

Meet Our Team

ZERO was forged out of our team’s years of combined experience and new innovative technology. Our mission is to build client relationships while we provide personalized solutions to fit their business needs and help their financial bottom line.

Wendell Ponder
Mr. Ponder is a graduate of WVU and holds many significant achievements. A lifelong bankcard industry innovator Mr. Ponder thrives on his many accomplishments. Most known for creating and implementing a zero-cost program for business owners in an ever-growing market, and the answer for businesses during a global pandemic.
Catrina Hughes
Catrina Hughes is the Chief Underwriter/CFO for ZERO. She oversees all applications and underwriting stipulations, as well as services current accounts, while providing technical support with the installation and implementation of new equipment.
Mario Fonseca

Mario Fonseca is the Chief Operating Officer for ZERO with nearly 25 years of working alongside executive teams from many Fortune 500 companies. Mario specializes in the hospitality industry where he holds many accolades in the field. Mario is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Mario is inspired daily by his wife Jennifer and their three children.

Rediscover your business’ potential with 0% TRANSACTION FEES + NO MONTHLY FEES.